What are the risks of starting dental treatment in Turkey


Despite its recent birth, TikTok has already been the subject of controversy on several occasions as it is a platform that has caused health risk trends to go viral. One of the most recent is called #Turkeyteeth. known as, The hashtag has exceeded 200 million visits, a figure that is of particular concern to dentists, who have already warned what people doing the practice are doing. but, What is it really based on?

It is a neologism that has become fashionable in the United Kingdom and refers to the fact that Travel to Turkey to forego dental veneers or crowns at very low prices, Several English influencers recorded the entire process and shared it via their social networks. However, many people who followed in his footsteps had complications that affected their oral health,

“In Turkey, as everywhere, There are very good dentists who ensure quality and safety in their treatment, Problems arise when dentistry is changed and trips and care packages are arranged without proper prior diagnosis, and at clinics that do not meet all the legal and health requirements to perform these procedures. are”, alas, Oscar Castro, President of the Kingdom, General Council of Dentists.

The specialist details that several clinics are dedicated to this “dental tourism” Diagnose from a photo or x-ray of the patient, “something completely inadequate”. In this sense, he pointed out that “no treatment is safe if the dentist has not seen the patient personally and carried out a detailed study of his oral cavity”.

On the other hand, Castro warned that even It is common for these clinics to be overworked.Which means the person receives more expensive treatments, such as veneers or crowns, “when their deformity can be resolved with orthodontics or simple bleaching, cheaper and much less invasive procedures.”

Why is the same treatment cheaper there?

On the websites of these companies you can choose different brands of implants, the price may vary between them. “It’s obvious, If the patient chooses the cheaper option, the cost of treatment will be lower, but the quality will also decrease., It is inconceivable that there are people who choose these poor quality ingredients for their oral remedies. If we are talking about knee prostheses or pacemakers, we will always choose the best”, specifies the president of the general council of dentists.

Moreover, experts claim that Many veneers and crowns in these clinics are fabricated almost “in line”., that is to say that they are made in the same way without taking into account the morphology of the patient’s teeth. “For a prosthetic treatment to work, it must be done individually, because each person has different characteristics,” he says.

patient risk

Taking treatment without a guarantee of safety can seriously affect a patient’s oral health. In this way, damage to the dental nerve can lead to pain, infections, abscesses, pulpitis (inflammation of the dental pulp) and even tooth loss,

“In recent years, oral health has been recognized as another consumer good, Make people believe that this is a purely aesthetic issue, when in reality it is not.Having a healthy mouth is key to enjoying overall good health and the best quality of life, Castro says.

How to start dentistry safely

In the event that a person wishes to undergo dental treatment, the specialist suggests that to begin with, It is very important to be well informed about the clinic you are going to visit “And don’t be fooled by advertising claims.”

Furthermore, Castro emphasized: “It is essential that the dentist Create a diagnosis and an individualized treatment planTell us in detail what it is and follow up to make sure everything is going well.”


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