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Millie O’Connor

We all know the power of a big smile. Our favorite A-listers are famous for their dazzling set of teethwith everyone from Miley Cyrus for Holly Willoughby to Duchess of Cambridge would have undergone some form of dental procedure. But have you ever wondered how they get their beautiful smiles?

Behind every perfect Hollywood smile is the perfect secret treatment. We reveal the simple three-step “ABC” treatment plan that transforms dull teeth and guarantees you the smile of your dreams…


Kate Middleton shows off her dazzling smile

First step: align

The first step is to align the teeth. It has the power to totally transform the wobbly or overcrowded mind – just look at how drastically different Miley Cyrus’ teenage smile looks than today.

As the world’s most advanced transparent aligner system, Invisalign treatment is a go-to for celebrities to perfect crooked teeth or gaps. This process begins with an orthodontic examination, where a 3D scan of the teeth will be taken to fabricate your aligners. Once you have received your aligners, they are fitted and ready to wear. Unlike many other teeth alignment treatments, Invisalign aligners are almost completely transparent, making them subtle and comfortable for everyday use.

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Second step: blanch

Our second step is to whiten the teeth. Nothing says Hollywood smiles more than a classic whitening treatment. Brightening your teeth can be the perfect solution to turn your shy smile into a bold one. There are several ways to achieve that signature smile, from home whitening kits to professional treatments.

We think Kylie Jenner’s sparkling white teeth transformation offers the ultimate Hollywood inspiration. Kylie and her sisters may be the epitome of Hollywood glamour, but they’ve had help along the way.

Third step: cosmetic bonding

“C” represents the last step in the treatment plan, which is cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic bonding is the final step in repairing various common dental problems. From chipped or cracked teeth to natural discoloration, cosmetic bonding works by applying a resin the color of the tooth to the teeth, the resin will then harden leaving the teeth essentially “glued” together resulting in a strong, sparkling smile A-lister compliant!

Millie Mackintosh is one of many celebrities who have had cosmetic dental procedures – and loved the results! Her beaming smile is one of our favorites because it looks super natural.

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