TH offers dental care to Malaysian pilgrims


MECCA: As part of efforts to ensure that Malaysian Hajj pilgrims are healthy in all respects, Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) not only provides public health, gynecological and spiritual care services, but also dental care.

The clinic, located at the TH Syisyah Health Center here, offers treatment similar to that in Malaysia and is equipped with specialists and medication.

Dr Norhayati Abas, 40, said that although dental care is considered minimal in performing religious rituals, haj pilgrims would be unable to perform the rituals properly if they suffered from a headache. teeth for an extended period.

“The treatment of patients in the Holy Land is not very different from that in Malaysia. We will provide the best service in terms of filling and scaling services.

“We will also focus on restoring the pilgrims’ dental function so that they can continue their rituals without pain,” said Dr Norhayati, a dentist and periodontist at Paya Besar Dental Clinic, Kuantan.

Dr Norhayati, who is serving hajj pilgrims in Makkah for the first time, was also assisted by a nurse and a surgical assistant.

She said that on average, pilgrims who received treatment suffered from swollen gums, broken fillings and cavities, possibly due to a different diet than they were used to at home.

“The mouth is not just for eating, and we need to know that healthy and adequate food is important to energize pilgrims. However, remember that the correct pronunciation in prayer is also important, and if you are suffering from a toothache, how can you pronounce these verses correctly? ” she asked.

She added that although the number of pilgrims this year was only 14,306, services will still be held as in previous years, with more sophisticated facilities.

“This year’s pilgrims are young, middle-aged and under 65 years old. Therefore, I expect them to have relatively good teeth compared to before, as more and more elderly people have loose teeth.

“This time we expect there will be issues with cavities, problematic fillings and some with braces. If there is damage to the braces, it may affect health. Iron on braces may pitting lips and tongue; it needs a dentist to treat it,” she said. For the record, TH dental clinic started operating in Makkah in 2014. – Bernama


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