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AMMAN – Rotary Governor of District 2452 George Azar visited the Amman clinic of dentist and oral surgeon Dr. Samuel Kakish, which provides free bimonthly Rotary-funded dental care to the poor and disabled, according to a statement from Rotary.اضافة اعلان

Azar, a Lebanese Rotarian Veteran, is the Governor of District 2452 which spans three continents and nine countries, namely Lebanon, Cyprus, Jordan, Sudan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Armenia and Palestine.

“The visit to the clinic allowed the governor to interact with local Jordanians, who benefit from the free service offered by the Rotary Club Amman Capital through Kakish and his clinic,” the statement read.

Azar said he appreciated the chance to get out and meet people. “Our motto is ‘Service Above Self’, and we cannot achieve our goal without going out and interacting with people,” he said.

The dentist said he was extremely happy to help those in need. “I’ve been doing this for six years and it’s the least we can do, and it fits the spirit of Rotary to help others,” he said.

Azar’s visit to Jordan began with attendance at the District 2452 Membership Seminar with attendance from Jordanian clubs and online from the other eight countries in District 2452. On Monday, he met with the Rotary Club Board of Directors Amman Jordan River and Rotarians based in Jordan.

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