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Most people in the UK have to pay for their dental care through the NHS, and expensive procedures can mean the bills start piling up, potentially costing hundreds of pounds. Luckily for retirees, there is a way to access free dental care.

Examples of this type of treatment could be crowns, dentures or bridges.

People might not think saving just over £20 every six months for a routine checkup is worth it, but if they needed more in-depth work, getting access to free treatment could save hundreds of pounds.

Fortunately, there is no charge for some forms of care, whether or not someone is entitled to free NHS dental care.

Especially for retirees, this includes denture repairs.

Who is entitled to free healthcare?

People who receive certain benefits because they have a lower income are eligible to receive free NHS dental care.

Where this helps retirees is that one of the applicable benefits is the pension credit, a benefit specifically for people who have reached statutory retirement age and are on a low income.

However, it is important to note that only those who receive the guarantee credit element of the pension credit are eligible.

The Guarantee Credit supplements the income of single pensioners at a guaranteed level of £177.10 per week and £270.30 for couples.

There is another part of the Pension Credit, known as the Savings Credit, which provides an additional £14.04 a week to single pensioners and £15.71 to couples, but this does not qualify beneficiaries for free dental care.

The pension credit is means-tested, which means that a person’s eligibility for the benefit is determined by calculating their income.

It is believed that there are many people in the UK who could be in receipt of pension credit but have not claimed so it may be useful for anyone over pension age to check whether they are eligible.

The pension credit comes with a variety of other benefits, including help with hospital travel costs, as well as the cost of eyeglasses.


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