María Valenzuela detailed the dental treatment she will do to heal


three years ago Marie Valenzuela lives a test because of the dentist to whom he entrusted his oral health. The work they did for him has gone wrong and he cannot eat solid food, which is why he is in an advanced state of malnutrition.

After reckon he weighs 35 kilosthe actress spoke in intruders about the treatment you will need to follow to recover. “They’re going to start pounding the back of the mouth. I will do it here in Buenos Aires with another dentist to save time. When I finish my piece, I will go to Ushuaia, where my lifelong friend dentist is,” he said.

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During this time, Maria consumes any liquid, as she cannot chew. She also takes supplements and protein, since the doctor gave her a stern warning: “If you continue like this, you will die.

María Valenzuela will begin treatment to return to normal life. (Photo: instagram/mariavalenzuelaok).

“Anxiety makes me give up food”: María Valenzuela’s drama after badly done oral treatment

The entertainer said his hell started less than a year after putting on his dentures. “I started to feel pain in my gums, the pins started to show. One day I dunked a croissant in my latte and when I bit into it I heard a ‘crash’. At that time, the dentist who was doing the work for me had already left the country, ”she recalled in the show hosted by Flor de la V.

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From somewhere in the world, the manager referred her to a trusted colleague: “When I saw him, he said to me, ‘I would never have done this job in your mouth. You have to see a surgeon for bone implants”. She told me that the works would cost between 3 and 4 million pesos”.

Tired of people thinking about her body, María Valenzuela explained what her problem was.  (Photo: instagram/mariavalenzuelaok).
Tired of people thinking about her body, María Valenzuela explained what her problem was. (Photo: instagram/mariavalenzuelaok).

Valenzuela acknowledged that over the past three years she was hospitalized several times for her low weight. “Today I see the stars. Brushing your teeth is excruciating pain,” she concluded, distraught.


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