Karachi elephants will receive German dental care


Karachi: World organization, Four Paws has sent its veterinarians to Karachi for the treatment of elephants. The team of four doctors have arrived in Pakistan to treat four female elephants – two of them are in Safari Park and the other two at Karachi Zoo.

The team includes Dr Marina Ivanova, Dr Frank Goritz, Dr Thomas Hilderbrandt, Four Paws CEO Josef Pfabigan, Director Dr Amir Khalil, elephant trainer Mathias Otto and his assistant Agnieszka.

The team would carry out a thorough medical and dental examination of the elephants. However, the main concern is dental treatment. According to the director of Four Paws, Dr Amir Khalil, the veterinarians will perform root canal treatment for the elephants. Root canal treatments will be performed on 17-year-old Noor Jehan and 16-year-old Madhubala, the two pachyderms at Karachi Zoo.

The root canal procedure will be performed using specially designed and large excavators, drills, endodontic burs and other dental instruments. According to reports, both animals are in constant pain due to the infection of the tusks as it is indicated that it has reached an alarming stage.

“Our specialist veterinarians will use an innovative treatment that is much less invasive than the traditional approach,” explains Dr. Amir Khalil.

“Traditional surgery would only be possible under risky anesthesia and would lead to a long post-operative treatment with a higher risk of complications. Therefore, we are planning to do the surgery under ‘standing’ sedation. He added.

“We come with a great team this time because it is an essential and unique operation that must be carried out by internationally recognized vets.”

The procedure will include removal of dead tissue and cleaning of the root canal. In addition, the team will teach the local team how to perform regular rinsing after treatment to prevent inflammation and maintain wound hygiene.


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