Is dental care safe during pregnancy?


Dental care is not only safe during pregnancy, it is highly recommended. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends dental care as part of prenatal care because it is essential for the health of both mother and unborn baby.

Not getting treatment during pregnancy leads to a buildup of infections in the mouth, and this infection can lead to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Your child can easily be born prematurely or with a low birth weight. Also, since pregnant mothers have lower immunity, letting the infection build up can increase the chances of this infection entering the bloodstream, leading to further complications.

There are no dangers in performing dental work during pregnancy, except for the challenges posed by the pregnancy itself. These challenges are mainly due to hormonal changes that can lead to greater sensitivity to smells, which can lead to vomiting tendencies and other inconveniences associated with morning sickness.

Accumulation of infections during pregnancy as a result of untreated teeth or gums can actually worsen other conditions associated with pregnancy, including high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

Most procedures can be performed. However, we try to avoid stressful and non-urgent procedures, as most pregnant women tend to tire easily. During the second trimester, however, most procedures can be performed because at this time the mother is stable and most medications can be safely administered.

During the first trimester, only essential treatments such as cleaning your teeth, tooth extraction, fillings and root canal treatments can be done. Procedures such as teeth alignment, dental implants or any surgery are not recommended.

Dr. Emmanuel Amukun is a dental surgeon at Marvels Dental Hospital in Busia.


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