[Interview] Dental diagnosis via the application… Denier Corp., Transformation in the dental market

Eonui Song, CEO of Denier / Courtesy of Denier

“Dental diagnosis using artificial intelligence is no longer a technology of the distant future.”

Dental care, which is expensive due to mismanagement, is of great public concern in today’s society, where interest in health continues to grow.

Here we can have a solution from this computer company that has developed and provided a dental and orthodontic diagnostic program using “Deep-Learning” technology.

This is what a company called Denier Co., Ltd., headed by Eonui Song, is doing.

Denier started the company to develop and provide services that allow patients to easily have a dental diagnosis using artificial intelligence technology.

“For busy modern people who can’t make time for treatment, and for many patients who had to go to different dentists and compare their medical bills in person, they can now get a diagnosis from dentists with the photos. teeth taken by their smartphones,” Song said.
“Additionally, we plan to recommend the best suited dentists with the most reasonable prices and excellent services regarding dental care for app users.”

So far, there is only one company that launched a service for the artificial intelligence smart dental scanning app from last September.

It is considered a blue ocean, known as an industry in an unknown market space.

Denier aims to launch its smart dental scan app “Chiara” in the first half of next year. In addition, Denier will install “AI dental diagnosis signage (commercial display)” in local dentists, subways and bus stops to make every effort to make dental diagnosis more common to everyone.

Compared to other companies, we can find expertise in the old work of Denier by Song. In fact, he was a professional who worked as a dentist.

“Watching my patients visit more than five dentists a day to compare prices, I felt a sense of duty as a doctor that I couldn’t sit still like this,” he said. “My determination for patients as a member of the Korean dental health community led me to this company.”

Besides its expertise, one of Denier’s strengths and competitiveness is that skilled experts with the best AI deep learning technology in Korea are working for the company.

Like pioneers exploring fields which have not been popularized, Denier aims to cooperate with all dentists in Korea.

The company also plans to cooperate with leading companies in Korea to add smart dental diagnosis and hygiene to our routine. In particular, Denier is already preparing to enter the global market by hiring employees with various language skills to target foreign markets such as China, Japan and the United States.

“The goal is for the Republic of Korea to become a country that takes the world stage in the fourth-era industrial revolution and is at the center of dental health industry innovation.”

“I would like to give new impetus to the Korean dental industry,” Song said.

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