Usually the air we breathe gives enough oxygen for repair damage tissue after any illness and also for our normal body. But increasing the air pressure in Hyperbaric Chamber can resolve any kind of disease in our body. Hyperbaric Chamber is nothing but a pressurized vessel. Which gives you the oxygen as per the patient need as per their disease and medical condition.

It depends on your health and medical condition doctor can decide that which of the following chamber of treatment of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy you may receive as both are approved by FDA which as:

monoplace oxygen therapy chamber– this chamber specially designed for one person and hold only one patient at a time, you can lie down inside a plastic clear tube and can get 100% pure oxygen advised or prescribed by a doctor. During the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment technician can monitor the patient from outside the chamber.

Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber – its look like a large room and can hold more than one patient at a time. Patient can sit or lie down during the treatment while receiving the oxygen through a hood or face mask. A technician is always there to monitor them directly and perform procedure as per their need.

There is also one more kind of Hyperbaric chamber available by name of Soft Hyperbaric Chamber which provides the lesser pressure that can only compress your room air.

Patient will be treated in a comfortable and secure chamber with a trained technician always present to monitor the pressure. It is also recommended to wear comfortable clothes, no watch and without any jewelry. Not even carry any metal thing nor any smoking material inside the chamber. Till now there has been no case recorded that during treatment of Hyperbaric Oxygen, patient is suffering from stroke or heat attack.