Does dental treatment invalidate the fast?

Half the world has oral health problems

Foods high in sugar and carbohydrates, which sit on the corner of Ramadan tables, can cause tooth decay and unpleasant breath odors. Experts say that regular cleaning of the mouth after iftar and sahur protects the health of the body by supporting the teeth’s fight against bacteria.

According to data from the World Health Organization, more than 3.5 billion people worldwide struggle with oral health problems. It is estimated that 2 billion people also suffer from cavities. The founding dentist of Omer Istanbul Dental Polyclinic, Ömer Karaaslan, who said that an unhealthy diet containing excess sugar and carbohydrates opens the door to rotten teeth, said: “It is even more important than oral care teeth are not neglected during Ramadan, when these foods are eaten. frequently consumed. Teeth that are not brushed after iftar and sahur are flooded with bacteria during the fasting process. Although this situation paves the way for the formation of dental cavities, it can cause unpleasant breath odors and various gum diseases.

The region of the tongue harbors bacteria

Emphasizing that daily dental care should be done more carefully during Ramadan, Ömer Karaaslan said, “Due to prolonged hunger during Ramadan, we may drift away from healthy eating. After iftar and sahur, cleaning the mouth and teeth with a toothbrush, tooth scraper, dental floss and mouthwash can prevent tooth decay as well as unpleasant breath odors that we often meet during Ramadan. The region of the tongue, which harbors the bacteria, promotes the formation of bad breath problems. Therefore, it is very important to clean this area with tooth scrapers. »

Teeth lose their defense power with excess sugar and carbohydrates

The founding dentist of Omer Istanbul Dental Polyclinic, Ömer Karaaslan, who mentioned that the consumption of acidic foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates during Ramadan endangers oral health as well as physical health, said: “Teeth exposed to excess sugar, carbohydrates and acids lose their defense power. . Instead of such foods, we can protect our teeth and gums by turning to healthy foods consisting of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts. In addition, with this type of food, we give our body the ability to fight bacteria and inflammation. kazanWe can strengthen our immune system,” he said.

Dental care does not break the fast

Mentioning that dental treatment can be performed during fasting, Ömer Karaaslan said, “According to the statements of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, drug injections and sprays performed during dental treatment do not break the fast. So there is no harm in continuing current treatments. With the choice of a dentist sensitive to the issues set out by the Diyanet, you will be able to continue your dental treatment and take your dental examination, which you have been waiting for a long time, in complete safety.


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