Dentist says hypnosis can be used as part of normal dental treatment – to stop teeth grinding and manage anxiety


Hypnosis should be used as a normal part of dental treatment, claims a leading dentist.

Dr Mike Gow, dentist and director of dental anxiety management at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow, said hypnosis can be used for a range of dental issues including managing acute pain, grinding teeth teeth, smoking cessation and gagging.

He also said that it is possible to perform implants and extractions without the use of local anesthetic due to the power of hypnosis in certain circumstances.

Dr. Gow emphasized that hypnosis should only be used alongside other evidence-based treatments.

He said treatments such as implant placement and tooth extractions can be performed without the use of local anesthetic if hypnosis is used appropriately by a suitably qualified clinician.

Dr Gow, speaking at the Irish Dental Association’s annual conference over the weekend, said: “Hypnosis can be used for a wide range of dental issues including grinding, tooth management anxiety, acute pain control, smoking cessation and gagging.

“For example, I have performed hypnosis during successful implantation and extraction procedures without local anesthesia.

Dr Mike Gow is a dentist and Director of Dental Anxiety Management at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow.

“This approach will not – and should not – be used like this for all dental treatments, but it shows how powerful hypnosis is and how effective it can be if applied alongside conventional methods of dental treatment. pain and anxiety control.

“Thanks to evidence-based scientific research, we now know more about hypnosis than ever before and it is time for the worlds of medicine and dentistry to move beyond skepticism, myths and misconceptions and embrace what can be a very effective tool for so many patients.”


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