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It’s a rare company or individual whose work can change your life. Aesthetic Associates Center in Buffalo is one of them.

Using state-of-the-art dental technology, owner Dr. Todd E. Shatkin, MD, and his associates are transforming the lives of people with missing or misshapen teeth or ill-fitting dentures.

The team offers complete restorative and aesthetic dental care for adults and children. Whether it’s general dental work like fillings or crowns or high-tech procedures like bonding, veneers, bridges or implants, Aesthetic Associates Center does it.

Dr. Shatkin and his associates offer traditional implants, as well as the popular smaller mini-implant to replace a single tooth or anchor a full arch. Mini implants have become a patient favorite because the results are faster and the procedure less expensive.

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“We say it’s five times less,” says Dr. Shatkin. “They’re less invasive, they’re less painful, they’re less expensive, they take less time to complete, and there are fewer visits to the dentist.

“It’s an amazing procedure that changes people’s lives in a very short time. You can have a tooth replaced in as little as an hour or a full dental arch in as little as an hour or two.

Mini-implants can stabilize mobile prostheses in about an hour, Shatkin adds. “You very quickly replace missing teeth and change the lives of people who have suffered for many years.”

Unlike dental offices that may outsource some of the work, Aesthetic Associates Center does everything from extractions to making new teeth in their office, saving patients time and money.

Its facilities include a full in-house dental laboratory and full X-ray capability with panoramic X-ray and cone-beam CT scanners that provide three-dimensional views of the bone, sinus cavity, and nerves.

“We are very proud of our office,” says Dr. Shatkin. “We have 22 dental practices and two operating rooms. We are a fully accredited outpatient surgery center.

In addition to being a pioneer in the early use of life-changing dental technology – he was one of Buffalo’s first dentists to perform porcelain veneers – Dr. Shatkin is a leader in the development new dental techniques.

He developed and patented Shatkin FIRST (Fabricated Implant Restoration and Surgical Technique), a procedure that allows the replacement of a single tooth or multiple teeth in a single visit.

Dr. Shatkin also teaches dentists around the world how to do mini implants. Through a special residency program, newly established dentists spend a year at the Aesthetic Associates Center treating patients under the guidance of dentists.

“Patients save about 30% off my dental office’s regular prices by agreeing to see a dentist who is still training through the program,” says Dr. Shatkin.


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