Australian man saves $85,000 by flying to India for dental treatment

Gold Coast-based Neil McLean had to pay a huge bill for his dental treatment in Australia.
After years of neglecting his dental needs and postponing them for other necessary expenses, Mr. McLean was desperate to fix his teeth.
“I had a lot of problems. I needed extraction, root canal, crowns and implants. I had pushed them away for a very long time. In 2017, my mouth hurt on both sides and I could barely eat,” says McLean. SBS Hindi.
A visit to the dentist and some homework later, Mr. McLean discovered that a brand new set of “beautiful white teeth” could cost him $100,000.

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“Furthermore, the wait was very long. I was 60 and after long years of being postponed due to other responsibilities like family and children, I desperately needed it,” he said.
A friend who had recently had dental work done in India recommended that he consider going there.
“I got in touch with this dentist in Hyderabad. They asked for an x-ray of my mouth and offered me $12,000,” he says.
Mr McLean flew to India in February 2018 for two weeks to have his “mouth fixed”.
“Over the two weeks, I had my extractions, root canal, crowns and bridges, implants, and some cosmetic work done,” he says.
He says the entire treatment plus airfare and hotel accommodation cost him $15,000.
Neil McLean

Neil McLean with his dentist, Dr Motiwala. Source: Provided

“I had a great time in Hyderabad. I did my homework, got referrals, and had lots of conversations with the doctor before I decided to go for it,” he says.
Mr. McLean says he saved $85,000 and that’s just one of the reasons he smiles more often now.
“I have a mouthful of beautiful white teeth. I’m smiling more often and it’s contagious. The other day I was in a newsagent’s shop and the guy had a really sullen face. I smiled and he instantly lit up,” he says.
Neil McLean

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Mr. McLean’s advice for considering treatment abroad:

“Find out as much as you can – about their method, their facility, their staff, their service, their cost, the duration,” he says.
“It’s important to find a credible doctor and a facility to do it. It’s very, very important,” he says.
Look for testimonials
“Read as many testimonials as possible about the venue. The more testimonials, especially from foreigners, the better. And you need to know which ones are genuine and which ones aren’t,” he says.

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